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Important Quagga Mussel Quarantine Information

December 14, 2014

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May 1, 2013 - Lassen National Forest received a grant to upgrade the picnic area, restrooms, boat launch ramp and dock at the Canyon Dam area. They were able to do most of the work on higher ground; however, because the lake was so full they were unable to do the launch ramp and dock. The grant ended and the unspent funds had to be returned. Any of you who have used the dock know what terrible condition it has been in - so bad that they pulled it out of the water. Today I received news that the folks at Lassen have found enough funds to purchase a new dock. They are planning to have it in place by Memorial Day if everything goes well - if not, at least it will be in for most of the season.
If you have any questions please contact me by email or phone (258-3656). -
Sharon (Sherrie) Thrall
Plumas County Supervisor, District 3


Threat to Lake Almanor & Butt Valley Reservoir

A diverse coalition of Northern California residents and the Almanor Fishing Association is taking on the role of environmental protector by opposing a proposal to withdraw huge quantities of cold water from 90-year old Lake Almanor.   Serious damage to the environment and fishery at Lake Almanor and the nearby Butt Valley Reservoir will occur. Both these lakes have developed reputations for trophy Rainbow Trout and German Brown.

In the case of Butt Valley Reservoir, trophy trout there feed on the pond smelt that pass through the Prattville intake tunnel.  The thermal curtain would severely reduce the pond smelt and have a negative impact on the trout food supply in the reservoir.   Also, PG&E intends to install two thermal curtains to hold the cold water pumped from Lake Almanor which could possibly damage not only the fishery but the very important insect hatches and lake environment.

At Lake Almanor, the removal of cold water – up to 50% during the summer months according to PG&E – would push the “thermocline” (where trout favor the temperature) down about 10 feet, forcing the salmonids (trout & salmon) into an area nearer the bottom where the dissolved oxygen is inadequate.  Currently, when the lake temperatures increase, the fish migrate to the colder springs and into the rivers flowing into the lake at the north and northwest ends of the lake.  The studies conducted in June reported that even now dead salmonids are seen near springs, leading to concerns that the area is already insufficient to support the fish migrating to seek colder water during summer. The lake's famous and very important “hex hatch” could be compromised.   


The Almanor Fishing Association

P.O. Box 1938
Chester, California 96020


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