Annual Team Trout & Salmon Derby


The Almanor Fishing Association hosted its 3rd Annual Team Trout and Salmon Derby on June 14th, 2014 in partnership with Kokanee Power. The tournament was deemed a success, with 48 teams made up of 109 fisherman competing. Last year, the local turnout was somewhat of a disappointment to both AFA and Kokanee Power but this year was different.

The money raised from the derby goes directly to the purchase of fish food for the cage-rearing program at Hamilton Branch. These fish are fed all winter long by AFA volunteers. This helps stimulate the local economy and overall benefit to the lake. " We appreciate the local interest this year", said Rich Dengler, president of AFA. "We planted 50,000 trout this year (all fertile fish) and that affects mainly the people who live in the Almanor Basin and helps support the Chester High School  ARI program.

All the teams had to weigh-in at the U.S. Forest Service ramp area on the west side of the lake between 1-2pm to get their fish weighed. The team tallies were based on the total weight of their biggest three fish.The team made up of Gary Coe and John Lico took first place with three fish that weighed an accumulated 15.3 lbs. The cash prize for the 3 fish total weight was $600.00. The team also had the largest trout which weighed 5.76 lbs. The largest salmon was 4.02 lbs. and was taken by the team of Allan Shepard, Tom Taylor, Paul Passer and Pete Witham. The junior class winner was Haylee Trip with a 3.0 lb. trout.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife was on hand, taking samples of fish scales. This was a excellent event allowing DFW to collect their samples at one time.

The Almanor Fishing Association fed all the participant's in the derby with a Pull Pork Sandwich, Coleslaw Salad, Chips and Soft Drink. There was a general raffle to help raise funds for the fish food with many great prizes. We look forward to an even better derby for next year with more people entering. The date hasn't been set yet but we hope you will join us for this great event and support the fish rearing program at Lake Almanor. 


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